Your Chrysler-brand vehicle deserves special care to keep it running great throughout the years. With Mopar® Vehicle Protection, you can not only provide top-quality care for your vehicle, but you can save money in the process. Elgin Chrysler Ltd. is pleased to introduce you to Mopar® Vehicle Protection and the many benefits it can provide.

Mopar® Vehicle Protection is offered for all new and most used Chrysler-brand vehicles and some non-Chrysler vehicles as well. You'll enjoy benefits like coverage for repairs on up to 5,000 mechanical items, roadside assistance, vehicle rental, and trip interruption benefits. A covered event must occur to take advantage of the benefits, and varying levels of coverage and deductibles are offered by Elgin Chrysler Ltd., for your convenience.

Mopar® Vehicle Protection pricing information, coverage eligibility, and plan options are available by getting in touch with Elgin Chrysler Ltd. today.