Would you be able to tell if a hose or belt was cracked? It may be more difficult to catch hairline fractures and soft spots in your hoses, but these faults can cause major damage to the rest of your engine and other car components. When a belt cracks, splits or otherwise erodes, you may start to feel your engine stall or grow sluggish. If your timing belt goes, it could throw your whole engine out of whack, causing backfires and stalling.

Serpentine belts are also responsible for your power steering. If these crack or split, then you may suddenly find it difficult to turn your car around corners. Your car may also vibrate or make screeching noises when you first start it up or try to turn around a difficult corner. Coolant hoses with leaks and cracks may cause damage to other components under the hood.

It’s important to have your car’s belts and hoses checked every 3,000 miles. If you have noticed major changes in your car recently, you should have your car engine checked as soon as possible at our St. Thomas, ON location. At Elgin Chrysler Ltd., every service customer is serviced quickly, and you’ll get a detailed inspection to highlight issues.