The Dodge Grand Caravan's luxurious cabin dimensions, layout and stowing second-row seating make it a perennially top-selling minivan among families. We at Elgin Chrysler, Ltd. totally appreciate the Dodge Grand Caravan's appeal. We also love this minivan's technology features, two of which we briefly discuss below.

Automatic Temperature Control
The Dodge Grand Caravan's cabin is so spacious, it has its own Three-Zone Automatic Temperature Control. Riders up front, in mid-cabin or in the back can enjoy a temperature setting that best suits their own comfort level. Now, passengers can relax in their own Goldilocks zone during commutes through St. Thomas, ON and beyond as well as during extended road trips.

Wireless Headphones
If your family members each have different tastes in music, the Dodge Grand Caravan's wireless headphones are just for you. The headphones come with the DVD Entertainment System, letting each passenger listen to whatever music they want or to a movie on the DVD player.

A Dodge Grand Caravan awaits you at our dealership. Pop by today, and pamper yourself with a test drive.