If you have places to go, Jeep has the vehicle to get you there. It has features that give it capability with which few vehicles can compete. It is expertly designed for ruggedness, performance and the capability to go wherever you need it to go. Elgin Chrysler, Ltd. in St. Thomas, ON thinks you should check out the new Jeep Wrangler capabilities.

The Wrangler can climb rocks, which is a claim that few vehicles can match. The ability to climb rocks is the result of improved traction, articulation, and the ability to crawl over rocks with a transmission that can achieve a 4:1 gear ratio. The sway bar can be disconnected with the push of a button and allow extra articulation. Extra-wide tires allow better contact with the road.

The Jeep Wrangler has skid plates on the bottom to protect the fuel tank and other vital parts from damage when testing its rock-climbing abilities. The Wrangler has everything it needs to be ready for adventure if you are.