Careful drivers do what they can to avoid objects in the road. No one wants to suffer a puncture. When not driving, they also keep tabs on their tires' condition. Unfortunately, wheels and tires can fail. Failure frequently occurs at horrible times.

Chrysler supports a special Mopar protection plan providing coverage for 2 to 7 years. If something happens to the tires or wheels, drivers can file a Mopar claim. An approved Mopar claim could pay for all four tires and wheels. Also, the added costs of mounting, stems, and balancing are covered. Be mindful the coverage doesn't cover normal wear and tear. Mopar covers damage related to road hazards.

The deductible is zero, and the coverage also delivers roadside assistance. Mopar is comprehensive. Mopar presents an impressive deal.

Do you have concerns about driving on your tires and wheels in St. Thomas? If so, visit the service department at Elgin Chrysler Ltd. for a vehicle inspection.