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  • Dan Dale
    Dealer Principal
    519-633-2200 ext 501

    Dan and Mike Stollery became partners at Elgin Chrysler in June of 2006. Our business plan is simple...
    Treat people with respect, give them all of the information that they want and need to make decisions, and value their time and their hard earned money. This is for both the staff and customer's of Elgin Chrysler Ltd. and we truly hope that we convey this message in everything that we do.

  • Michael Stollery

  • Brent Kidder
    Partner & General Manager
    519-633-2200 ext 425

    Brent has been at Elgin Chrysler for 10 years. Brent enjoys coaching hockey and spending time with his family during his time off.

  • Eric Lennox
    Financial Services Manager
    1-888-251-6639 ext 427

    Years of Experience :  32 Years

    Nickname : Big Easy

    Favorite Foods : Anything Italian

    Favorite Sports Team: The Detroit Red Wings

    Hobbies : Golf, Guitar and Travel

    Where were you born :Toronto

    Favorites Movies : The Godfather Trilogy

    Why you love your job: The great atmosphere here at Elgin Chrysler and I love keeping busy.

  • Anthony Turko
    Special Finance Manager
    1 (888) 251-6639

    I understand if you have had something in your life that has caused you to look for alternative finance options. It happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives. Dealing with me at Elgin Chrysler will give you peace of mind that you will be treated with respect throughout the purchase of your next vehicle.
    Contact me anytime or fill out our online application at your convenience!

  • Stacey Jordan
    Service Advisor

  • Shelley Prong
    Customer Relations Manager
    1-888-251-6639 ext. 428

    Years of Experience: 10 years

    Nickname : My hubby calls me "Doris"

    Favorite Food: Lots of Fruit!

    Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Yankees

    Hobbies: Gardening and Walking

    Where were you born : Sarnia, Ontario but grew up in Aylmer, Ont.

    Favorite Movies: Titanic

    Why you love your job: Customers and making them smile!

  • Kurtis Rule
    Sales & Leasing
    519-633-2200 ext 435

    Years of Experience : 4 Years

    Nickname: Kurtie

    Favorite Foods: Whatever Andre Sopoco eats

    Favorite Sports Team: Philadelphia Eagles - I take it very serious.. Seriously!

    Hobbies: Off-roading in my Jeep Rubicon and spending the rest of the time on the water!

    Where were you born: Ontario , Canada

    Favorite Movies: Step-Brothers , E.T. and Dumb and Dumber!  

    Why do you love your job: Meeting new customers and working in a fun environment !  

  • Jeff Lauzon
    Sales & Leasing
    519-633-2200 ext 437

    Years of Experience : 4 years

    Nicknames: J Lau or Mauzon

    Favorite Foods: Pizza , Lasagna, Anything my wife packs me!

    Favorite Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Raptors  

    Hobbies : Basketball, Weight Lifting, Selling cars!

    Where were you born: St.Thomas, Ontario - Born and Raised!

    Favorite Movies: Anchorman, He got game

    Why you love your job : Love working with people and getting them in their dream vehicle!

  • Jason DaSilva
    Partner & Sales and Leasing Consultant/Director
    519-633-2200 ext 438

    Years of Experience : 7 years in sales and has a degree in Kinesiology!

    Nickname : JD

    Favorite Food: Chicken

    Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Blue Jays, San Diego Chargers

    Hobbies : Officiating Hockey

    Where were you born : Belmont, Ontario

    Favorite Movies: Snatch, Dumb and Dumber

    Why you love your job: Enjoy meeting new people and helping them find a vehicle that they will love for years to come!   

  • Paul McClenaghan
    Sales & Leasing

    Years of Experience : 2.5 years

    Favorite Food : Mackies, Capri Pizza

    Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs

    Hobbies : Golf, Soccer , Baseball, Broomball , Hockey

    Where were you born: St.Thomas, Ontario

    Why you love your job : Love to see how happy people are when they pick up their new ride!

  • Devon Abernethy
    Sales & Leasing
    1-888-251-6639 ext 423

    Years of Experience : 6 Years

    Nicknames: Dev

    Favorite Foods: Home made Mac and Cheese

    Favorite Sports Team: Philadelphia Flyers

    Hobbies : Movies, Long walks on the beach

    Where were you born: Born and raised in London

    Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption, Step Brothers, The Matrix

    Why you love your job: I live for my family and Elgin could not offer a better family atmosphere. Everyone is helpful and easy going and it makes for a great dynamic to work in!

  • Mike Vecchio
    Sales & Leasing
    519-633-1528 ext 439

    Years of Experience : 2 years

    Nicknames: Vec, Veezio

    Favorite Foods: Ribs with MY secret homemade BBQ sauce of course!

    Favorite Sports Team: Boston Celtics

    Hobbies : Fishing , Basketball, Broomball

    Where were you born: Born in Chatham, lived in Italy and Japan to the age of 4 and then grew up in St. Thomas and Port Stanley area.  

    Favorite Movie: Hoosiers, Jaws

    Why you love your job: It's always a great feeling when you hand a customer a new set of car keys! The look on their faces as they drive away in their new ride is PRICELESS!

  • Dave Pettit
    Sales & Leasing

    Dave joined the Elgin team in December 2016.  Dave brings with him 4 years experience in automotive sales with Chrysler  He loves working with customers and helping them find the right car at the right price.  Dave loves to see his customers big smiles on delivery day!

    Dave was born and raised in St Thomas and when he isn't eating chicken wings he spends his time boating, golfing, or playing baseball.  His favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Blue Jays.

    Drop in today and say hello to Dave!

  • Carolyne Tarry
    Accounting Clerk/Reception
    519-633-2200 ext 430

    Years of Experience : 10 years

    Nickname: Depends who is talking to me :)

    Favorite Foods: Too many to mention

    Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburg Steelers

    Hobbies : Yoga, Shopping, Travelling, Cook and entertaining for friends and family!

    Favorite Movies: Steel Magnolias and Miss Congeniality

    Why you love your job : I work with a great bunch of people!

  • Scott Cushman
    Service Manager
    1 (888) 698-8348

    Years of Experience : Many, Many Years

    Nickname: Captain MOPAR

    Favorite Food : Coffee

    Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

    Hobbies: Drag Racing

    Where were you born: Strathroy, Ontario

    Why you love your job: Co-Workers

  • Terry Moore
    Service Advisor
    519-633-2200 ext.434

    Years of Experience : 16 yrs. at Elgin Chrysler and 20 years in the automotive business!

    Nickname: Don't you dare =-)

    Favorite Foods: I "love" food, Exotic , love trying different foods!

    Favorite Sports Team: What are sports?

    Where you were born : St.Thomas  Ontario -  Born and Raised!

    Why you love your job : I love the customers and the staff , it's like a big happy family!

  • Taylor Rous
    1(888) 251-6639

  • Doris Demuynck
    Secretary Treasurer
    519-633-2200 ext 429

    Years of Experience : 20 years all at Elgin Chrysler!

    Nickname : Dor

    Favorite Foods: There's not enough room on this page =-)

    Favorite Sports: Car Racing and Hockey

    Hobbies : Cooking and watching exercise shows

    Where were you born: West Lorne, Ontario

    Favorite Movies: Fried Green Tomatoes, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Why you love your job: My lovely Co-workers

  • Shane Wood
    Parts Consultant

    Years of Experience : 4

    Nickname : Woody

    Favorite Foods: Shepherd's Pie

    Favorite Sports Team: Boston Bruins

    Hobbies: Darts

    Where were you born: St.Thomas, Ontario

    Favorite Movie: American Graffiti

    Why you love your job: The people I work with are awesome!  

  • Rick Levy
    Automotive Technician

    Years of Experience: 17 yrs with Chrysler, 24 yrs as a technician

  • Joe Toogood

    Years of Experience : 20 years

    Nickname: Toogood

    Favorite Food: Chicken Wings

    Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

    Hobbies: Fishing, Baseball

    Favorite Movies : Con Air and Air Force One

    Why you love your job: Great people to work with here at Elgin Chrysler and I love being a Technician!

  • Jeff Mifflin
    Service Technician

    Jeff has been with Elgin Chrysler for the past 8 years. Jeff enjoys fishing in his spare time.

  • Andrew Tracey
    Lisenced Service Technician

    Years of Experience : 8 yrs

    Nickname: Tracey

    From: Tilsonburg, ON

  • Todd Sargent
    Car Detailer

    Years of Experience: 15 years

    Favorite Food: Steak

    Favorite Sport: Hockey

    Hobbies: Working outside

    Where were you born: St.Thomas, Ontario

    Why you love your job: My Co-Workers!

  • Cody Hallam
    Service Technician

    My Real Job Title: Wash Bay Manager, Technician, Shuttle Driver, Plow Truck Driver, Parts Delivery and Licensing!  

    Years of Experience : 2 years

    Favorite Foods: Steak, Ribs and Lobster

    Hobbies: Camping, Fishing and Off-Roading

    Where were you born: Spring Field , Ontario

    Favorite Movies: Rambo, Dazed and Confused , American Graffiti

  • Ted Kidder
    Shuttle Driver / Retired Sale Representative

  • Scott Brown
    Service Technician

  • Chad Brear